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Medpet Speed - Plus for Pigeons

Medpet Speed - Plus for Pigeons

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Medpet Speed Plus for Pigeons

Medpet Speed Plus is a nutritional supplement for pigeons and racing birds designed to enhance their performance. It achieves this by naturally providing energy to the birds. Regular administration of this supplement accelerates recovery time and reduces muscle damage in racing birds. The supplement is made with pure ingredients, including Vitamin B complex, L-carnitine, and Pangamic acid. It is made in powder form and can be easily mixed into birds' meals or drinking water. For optimal results, it is recommended to combine Speed Plus with a high-fat diet.

Usage Directions For Medpet Speed - Plus for Pigeons
  • Mix 5g of Speed Plus powder in 5 liters of drinking water (one heap measure included in the pack)
  • Alternatively, wet 1 kg of grains and mix 5 g of Speed plus along with 10 ml of Plume Plus
  • During shorter races up to 400 km – administer for two days prior to basketing.
  • During longer races above 400 km- administer for three days prior to basketing.
Why To Use Medpet Speed - Plus for Pigeons
  • Improves performance and endurance of racing bird
  • Contains Vitamin B complex and L-carnitine
  • Easy to mix powdered supplement
  • Minimize muscle damage
  • Fasters recovery time after racing
Medpet Speed - Plus for Pigeons Protective Measures
  • Read pack label before use
  • Keep the lid tightly closed after use
  • Store below 25°C
  • The product is prone to clumping
Customer Reviews
Higlhly recommned

Used this for once and got great improving results.