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Medpet Viroban for Pigeons and Cagebirds

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Medpet Viroban for Pigeons and Cagebirds
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MEDPET VIROBAN – Vitamin Supplement for Pigeons and Cage Birds

Viroban for pigeons and cage birds is a remarkable water-soluble nutritional supplement to prevent the spread of viral diseases. This exceptional megavitamin combination supports the treatment and prevention of viral diseases in birds. It is an exclusive formulation from Europe and is acquired by a leading avian virologist.

This effective immune booster supplement can be used throughout a viral outbreak. Furthermore, there are no harmful chemicals present, and is a safe preventative treatment that can be given once or twice a week, depending on the condition.

During viral outbreaks, this aquatic soluble powder effectively works to curb viral illnesses and for the general health of birds.

Why To Use Medpet Viroban
  • Effective nutritional supplement for birds
  • Aids in treating and preventing viral diseases in pigeons and caged birds
  • Megavitamin combination formulation for overall good health
  • The water-soluble powder form is easy-to-use and quickly dissolves
  • Efficient immune tonic to use regularly during a viral outbreak
  • No harmful chemicals and no side effects with an effective and reliable formula
Usage Directions For Medpet Viroban
  • To 1 liter of water, add 5 grams or 1 level of the given measurement scoop from the container.
  • The preparation needs to be continuously dosed for seven days.
  • Right after a complete antibiotic course, begin with this treatment and give daily till the day before basketing.
  • Vitamin or Mineral supplements without iron can be given with it.
Medpet Viroban Protective Measures
  • Read the labeled directions for detailed information
  • Use for Pigeons and caged birds only
  • Should not be with the reach of children and other pets
  • Need to store in a cool and dry place
Customer Reviews
Best Protection

It helps to protect my birdies from viral diseases and infections. Would higlhy recommned this