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Is your pet excessively scratching their ears?


It is common to see a pet scratching their ears. There is nothing wrong in that but the problem arises when the scratching of ears irritates your pet and remains for a long time. This gesture of your pet is a sign that there is something irritating them. You need to check their ears. The scratching can be the reason for an ear infection. Ear Infection Ear infections are common in pets. Ear infections are irritating and painful for your pet but the good thing about ear infection is they are not contagious. The ear infection begins when the ear immune system is disturbed. There are various factors responsible for ear infection they are:
  • Poor air circulation
  • Allergies
  • moisture
Some Important Factor In-Ear Infection
  • Major cause of ear infection is flea allergies.
  • A pet with long ears are prone to ear infection due to poor air circulation.
  • Dogs or cats having excessively small ears can also get the ear infection.
  • A pet who is fond of swimming may suffer from ear infection because of the excess of moisture in ears.
  • Any disease or poor condition of a pet affecting the immune system can also get ear infection.
  • Excess of hairs in ear canal traps the moisture and contribute to the ear infection
Consequences Of Ear Infection
  • If the ear infection is left untreated it can cause a serious damage to your pet’s ears
  • Hearing loss
  • chronic pain in ears
  • Hematomas- The accumulation of blood in tissues of outer ears causing a swollen ear flap. Head shaking is a symptom of hematomas. It is very painful for your pet.
Treatment And Prevention Of Ear Infection
  • A periodical cleaning of ears as a grooming part can keep your pet infection free.
  • Cleaning and washing of ears can remove debris, wax and other infectious agents.
  • Use of Malacetic otic ears cleanser will reduce the future risk of bacteria and yeast.
  • In severe cases, antibiotics are recommended
  • Use ear plucking to remove the hair from ear canal
  • Use flea preventives to protect your pet from getting flea infection
Aforesaid things can help you to recognize the ear infection if you see your pet facing any problem related to ears.

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