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Top 6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Month

  Aug 03, 2022

Top 6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Month

It's National Dog Month in August! There is no doubt that our dogs need to be praised and cared for on a daily basis. August is dedicated to delving more deeply into what you can do to better care for your pet.

Did you know that research conducted by animal experts has shown how our wonderful pets make us happier, less stressed, and more hopeful people? The advantages of spending time with dogs are endless, but they all point to the fact that a month-long celebration of our furry friends has been a long time coming.

In recognition of August being National Dog Month, we've compiled a list of some useful information you should be aware of. If you're wondering what you can do to celebrate this month, keep reading; you've landed at the right place.

What Is National Dog Month?

All dog breeds, both mixed and pure, are celebrated during National Dog Month. The purpose of the event is to engage the public and increase awareness of the enormous number of dogs who need to be rescued from pure breed rescuers, rescues, and public shelters each year.

The goal of the month is to pay tribute to these incredible animals who sacrifice themselves to calm us, keep us safe, and save lives. Every day, these animals put their lives in danger. There are dogs who guard our freedom and safety by sniffing out drugs and bombs, as well as those that rescue humans from terrible situations and wreckages. It is only fair that we honor these dogs because they play significant roles in our lives as both our family members and our brave pets.

History of National Dog Month

National Dog Month was established in 2020 by the Milk-Bone brand (The J.M. Smucker Company) to honor all the ways dogs improve our lives.
National Dog Month was declared by the Registrar during National Day to be celebrated every August.

How to observe National Dog Month?

It's simple to do this. Have a party with your best friend. Walk for a very long time. If you have additional Milk-Bones, play fetch. Visit a dog park or get your dog the toy he's been requesting. To ensure that your pet remains fit and healthy, schedule your next visit to the vet. Donate to a larger dog nonprofit or your neighborhood animal shelter. You can also offer services at shelters for free. The assistance will be much appreciated by both the canines and their future human mates. Use #NationalDogMonth when sharing your celebrations on social media.

National Dog Month Activities

August's "Dog Days" are arrived, as National Dog Month is here. This month, we're celebrating the fun-loving friends who keep our lives so entertaining.

Here are a few ideas for celebrations with your dogs this month:

#1 Explore New Places

Find a new dog-friendly park or eatery in your area. Then, go there and have fun. Additionally, your dog might enjoy visiting the pet store to browse the toys or select some new treats.

#2 Homemade Things or Food

Create some fresh beds, snacks, or toys for your dog. Hit some search online and you can find easily a wide range of simple DIY instructions.

#3 Plan a Photoshoot

Since it might be challenging to get static shots of your playful dog, let your furry friend take the lead throughout the photo session for the best results. Follow them around and take pictures of them going about their daily lives with your camera or phone. Print the pictures, then display them all over your home in picture frames. For your pet, you could also open an Instagram account.

#4 Watching Screen & Sunggle

Watch some pet-related films and television series while curled up on the couch. Your dog might not enjoy watching a movie, but he will be happy that you are giving them extra attention and care.

#5 Doga

Many cities now have "doga" sessions where you can practice yoga with your dog at Doga Yoga studios. You may also attempt yoga with your dog at home if you have some expertise in yoga.

#6 Hide & Seek Game

Pets will particularly enjoy playing this game and stalking you as though you were their prey (maybe not as much fun for you).  Dogs also enjoy playing hide & seek, especially if you give them a gift when they discover your hiding place.

Bottom Line

Whatever way you choose to honor National Dog Month with your dog, your four-legged companion will be more than happier that you are giving them some extra time loving and pampering throughout the month. Every month is pet month when you have a loving animal in your life. Nevertheless, it's good to set aside a certain period of the month to honor our dogs. Happy National Dog Month!

Top 6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Month

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Top 6 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Month

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