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Program Flavour Tabs Reviews

Program Flavor Tablets for Dogs

Program flavored tablets are an effective treatment that controls fleas and prevents them from harming the dog. The oral medication works efficiently for 4 weeks and prevents re-infestations of fleas. Program kills all the fleas, disrupts their life cycle, and thus, protects the environment as well. These potent tablets eliminate the flea larva and flea eggs ensuring complete safety.

Program Flavor – Effective Oral Treatment

A safe to use oral treatment on both dogs and puppies of at least 6 weeks of age, Program contains Lufenuron. This active ingredient is an Insect Growth Inhibitor, which blocks the pathway of their action and kills flea larva and adult fleas. The tablet once ingested by the pet, circulates in the blood stream and destroys the flea life cycle by killing the immature stages of the flea development.

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Top Reviews

One dose works 4 weeks

Giving every 4 weeks helps to keep those fleas far from my fur companions. No more flea biting or no more scratching. and it is easy to dose. would recommend this for flea infestation in dogs.

Great Price For Single Dose

just a single dose works good and at pet careclub a single dose costs so lost. I just order from them. Great service you guys!!!