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Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs

Rating: 4.8/5
Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs

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Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs

Ultrum Ultimate Spray is used to treat fleas and ticks on dogs. The uniquely built solution destroys the fleas as soon as they come in contact. All these fleas are eliminated within a day of application and furthermore, protect the pet from adult fleas for up to 4 weeks. It disrupts the flea life cycle as well by killing flea eggs and larvae for 3 months continuously. Ultrum Ultimate Spray is a long lasting topical solution to prevent flea and tick infestation on dogs. After application of the spray, it leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.

Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray

Ultrum Ultimate Spray is a blend of the following elements - Permethrin, Ex-bioallethrin, Pyriproxifen and Piperonyl butoxide. These ingredients provide comprehensive protection to the dog’s body and relief from the pests. The unique formulation of the spray prevents development of adult fleas by breaking the flea life cycle. It comforts the dog by minimizing the scratching and itching.

Why To Use Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray
  • Eliminates fleas and ticks
  • Effective against adult fleas for up to 4 weeks
  • Suitable to be sprayed on puppies of at least 7 weeks of age
  • Swift acting and long lasting spray
  • Easy to handle spray bottle
Usage Directions For Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray
  • Spray on the dog’s coat and wet it thoroughly by ruffling the coat and thus, exposing the skin.
  • The pump spray delivers approximately 1.4 ml of solution with each pull of the trigger.
  • To avoid spraying near the facial portion, spray some solution on a cloth and then apply it on the skin of the dog.
  • The spray dries quickly but leaves a thin film, which imparts shine to the dog's coat.
  • Let the solution on the dog dry naturally.
  • Repeat this treatment every 3-4 weeks, especially in warm and humid conditions.
Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray Protective Measures
  • For external use only.
  • Wear latex gloves while administering the treatment.
  • Do not use on cats.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Do not spray near open flames.
  • Avoid spraying near facial areas.
  • Wash hands properly after application.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Customer Reviews
Flea spray

quite reliable and safe for our baby.

long lasting

long lasting treatment with no side effects


this has helped in remove those pesky pests from our house.

Fantastic flea treatment

I love this spray. We've had it for about 6 months now and can't fault it. We live in a row house (so not a huge place) and don't have much flea problem but still use it at least once a month on pug. I have a toddler running around, so I feel that I'm constantly cleaning up after her and this has no side effects.