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Wound Gard for Dogs

Rating: 4.4/5
Wound Gard for Dogs

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Wound Gard for Dogs

Wound Gard for dogs is an antiseptic and bitterant liquid solution in the form of spray bottle. This treatment is specially designed to repair and heal the wounds that a dog has on its body. The topical treatment also prevents the spread of wounds, cuts or lesions. Since it is a bitterant solution, the taste of it deters the dog from licking the wound thus enhancing the recovery speed.

Wound Gard – Antiseptic Spray for Dogs

 Wound gard allows a fast repair of wounds in dogs. This easy to apply spray bottle consists of various active ingredients, which acts as an antiseptic providing rapid recovery and barring any damages to the skin. It encourages normal healing of the wounds with bitterant present to avoid slowing down the efficacy of the treatment.

Usage Directions For Wound Gard
  • Shake the spray bottle well before using it.
  • Open the cap of the spray.
  • The standard treatment suggests spraying thrice a day or use 3-4 pumps of spray for each 2 cm length of the wound on the dog.
  • For more details, consult a vet.
Why To Use Wound Gard
  • Easy to administer as it is a spray
  • Suitable for normal wounds as well as post surgical wounds
  • Aids in faster healing of the wounds
  • Avoids infection and self-mutilation
  • Bitter taste of the treatment avoids the dogs from licking the affected area
Wound Gard Protective Measures
  • Keep out of reach from pets, children and edibles.
  • Wear rubber gloves when using this spray.
  • Store it in cool, dry place.
  • Keep away from pet’s eyes.
Customer Reviews
No burning senstion

It is such a cool treatment it does not hurt or cause any burning sensation.

This product saved me

My dog was continuously licking his surgery site (castration) and this loosened the stiches, had to take him to the vet again, now that I am using it, he is not trying to lick it but he is showing resistance when I am trying to apply it

Helpful Product

Keeps those wounds clear and boost healing time as well

Excellent and still its working

Excellent when I first purchased it and its working good. I use it whenever there is any skin rash or cut on my dog,