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Reviews for Activyl for Dog Supplies
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Activyl - Dog Supplies

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Activyl for Dogs

Activyl is a swift topical treatment for dogs that is a monthly cure for fleas on the dogs. Made with latest and advanced technology called bioactivation, Activyl is one of its own kinds in the market. A monthly spot-on treatment proves to be efficient against the flea re-infestation and prevents them from causing harm to the dog. The fast acting formula eliminates the adult fleas in addition to destroying flea eggs and larva as well.

Activyl – Treatment for fleas on dogs

A Merck product, Activyl is an innovative product that makes complete use of new developments. The active ingredient present in the topical treatment is Indoxacarb, which is a pesticide that has a unique mode of action on flea control. This ingredient acts by using fleas own enzymes and converts it into a highly potent insecticide. It then blocks the sodium channels of the fleas and paralyzes them.

After applying Activyl on the dog, the remedy spreads in the entire body through the skin of the dog. And, as soon as the flea bites the pet, it absorbs the ingredient thereby triggering the bioactivation process and killing all the adult fleas and disrupting the flea life cycle.

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Couldn't believe this

It can do wonders! Just used it for the first time and the results were amazing.


Super Effective

Super effective product for those nasty fleas.


Best fast acting formula

Best fast-acting formula and has no side effect as well. Would strongly recommend this.


Best treatment

Best flea and tick control I have ever had for my pal. Would strongly recommend this.


Best deal

Best deal to bet on it! It works magical. Just above our expectations.