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Ways to Celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month

  Sep 02, 2022

Ways to Celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month

Cat lovers would like to agree to the fact that raising a cat is comparatively easier than parenting a dog. Cats are trouble-free, easy to take care of, and require a little work to keep them in good condition. These adorable animals have been around for ages showering their unconditional love on us and Happy Healthy Cat Month is just the perfect time to ensure our four-foot friends remain happy and healthy for as long as they are with us.

What is Happy Healthy Cat Month?

Every year the month of September is observed as a Happy Healthy Cat Month. This occasion is meant to educate cat parents on different ways to take care of their cats and raise the level of their felines' health and wellness at the same time.

Things to do During Happy Healthy Cat Month

Here's the list of activities to do throughout the month of September to help us achieve the health and wellness goals for our feline companions.

▪ Parasite Protection

Protecting cats from fleas, ticks, worms like pesky parasites is one of the most key aspects of raising a feline. Consult a vet and ask for flea & tick protection or a broad-spectrum treatment. Frontline Plus, Bravecto, and Revolution Plus are some of the popular anti-parasitic cat treatments.

▪ Protein-Rich Diet

Cat's primal nutritional requirement is meat. Look for cat foods that include savory meat flavors. Real meat products are high in protein and provide them with maximum nutrition. Try different meat recipes to learn your cat's favorite keeping the balance between both dry and wet food meals so they don't always fall for one type of food.

▪ Bring in Some Toys

Cats love their toys. They don't need fancy toys. Simple string toys, like teaser toys or wand toys would keep them busy all day. You do not necessarily have to purchase expensive brand toys, but you can create one with some of the things, cats love playing with like strings, feathers, or even paper bags, and empty boxes, are enough to keep them going.

▪ Bond over Play-time

Cats enjoy their play time to the fullest. Physical activity of any sort keeps their heart in-check, burns out extra calories, and helps build strong, lean muscles. Spending time with your feline playing what they enjoy, provides you with an opportunity to strengthen your animal-human bond and brings you closer to them.

▪ Manage their Litter

You don't have to worry much about your cat's sanitization. Just provide them with a litter box at a restricted place in your home and they will help themselves. Just ensure you clean the litter tray and add new cat litter from time to time to maintain hygiene.

▪ Maintain Hygiene

Cats are one of the cleanest domestic pets. They dislike being filthy; hence keeping them clean is a way of keeping them happy. Brush their teeth to maintain oral hygiene and comb their fur to keep them tangle-free. Clean their ears using vet-recommended ear clean products.

▪ Adopt a Cat

Cats like to remain independent and can live on their own; but what they also like is the attention of their human companions and fellow animals. So, adding one more feline member to your pet family is only going to benefit both you and the mouser.

▪ Vet Consultation

A veterinarian is the best individual that keeps your feline's health in check. Seeing a vet at regular intervals can prevent your cat from all major illnesses. Try to see a vet once every four to five months to keep your cat healthy.


Happy Healthy Cat Month is a much-needed event for all feline lovers, especially for those who don't get time for their kitties in their day-to-day busy lives. Making the most of this occasion by practicing the various activities mentioned in this article will ensure that our feline companions remain at their very best, happier and healthier, all the time.

Ways to Celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month

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Ways to Celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month

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