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12 Days of Christmas with Pets

  Dec 13, 2019

12 Days of Christmas with Pets

Holiday season is upon us and most of you must have already made plans for Christmas holidays. Every person has a different outlook on celebrating Christmas, though if you have a pet, you would definitely want to do something special for him. And if it’s his first holiday, you should make it memorable for him! To celebrate 12 days of Christmas, we have jotted down 12 memorable gifts that you can give to your pet!

#1 New Toy

Well, dogs love toys more than anything! Whether it’s an interactive gadget or just an ordinary chew toy, your pooch will love either of these! Pets are always intrigued by new things, so it’s best to get a toy that your buddy will love!

#2 Customized Holiday Ornaments

If it’s your pet’s first holiday with you, get a customized Christmas ball with his name engraved on it so you can cherish the moment for years. That Christmas ball will remind you of the first Christmas of your pet.

#3 Sweaters

Christmas brings all the cozy vibes; hot chocolate, sweaters, snowfall and lazing around the house. So, this Christmas, get your dog or cat a sweater so he can strut it off during the festivities. Besides, it will also keep your furry companion warm during chilly winter evenings.

#4 A New Bed

If your pet’s bed has worn off, now’s the time to get the new one! Moreover, many stores offer great discounts on products, so you not only get a gift for your buddy but also save some bucks!

#5 Interactive Laser Toy

If there’s a cat in your house, then this toy is a must! Cats sure love chasing things, especially lasers, so why not get your kitty an interactive toy which will keep her busy and active? In fact, it will also keep you entertained.

#6 Exclusive Dog Collar

There are plenty of stylish dog collars available in the market which you can gift to your furry buddy. Besides, in some dog collars, even GPS trackers are installed so you can keep a check on your doggy at any time.

#7 Food and Water Bowls

Maybe it’s the right time to gift the dog a new set of food and water bowls. Most people buy new and exciting things during Christmas and your furry pal deserves the same! So, go and get him new bowls!

#8 A Thoughtful Present

Whether its winter or any other season, dogs are not spared from flea or tick infestation. So, you can also get some health care products like flea and tick preventives, wormers, and skincare products for your pup! Moreover, you can also include Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm in the hamper which protects the pet’s paws from any damage during winter.

#9 Interactive Treat Ball

For mental and physical stimulation, interactive treat ball is the ideal gift for dogs. It makes your dog work for the treat and can be a great tool for training!

#10 Ball Thrower

This is the perfect gift for a dog who never gets tired of playing fetch! A ball thrower will keep your buddy busy and entertained for hours.

#11 Dog and Cat treats

Christmas is all about eating delicious cookies and preparing lip-smacking dishes! And pets shouldn’t be left out, so buy some tasty treats (or even bake some at home) for your pet to make their day more pleasant!

#12 Dog and Cat Bandana

Let your pet have a stylish Christmas by adding a bandana to his Christmas outfit! This little item will add to the Christmas cheer and your pet will also feel happy to be a part of the celebrations!

These were the 12 gifts suitable to give to pets. We hope you found the one for your pet!

12 Days of Christmas with Pets

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12 Days of Christmas with Pets

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