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Eye Infection A Treatment In Dogs

  May 12, 2021

Eye Infection A Treatment In Dogs

Eye Infection: A Treatment In Dogs

Eye infection is not a life-threatening illness but it is capable enough to cause a great level of discomfort in dogs. Redness or discharge from the dog’s eyes does not always indicate eye infection because allergies, irritation, or an injury reflect similar symptoms. It is crucial to recognize the illness as early as possible to gift your beloved pet with a good vision. Eye infection may lead to loss of eyesight if left untreated.


In dogs, the majority of the eye infections are either bacterial infections or viral infections. Some dogs may get the infection by getting in contact with a dog that already has an eye infection.

· Infections in eyes caused by bacteria are mainly due to an injury such as a scratch or ulcer.

· Eye infections caused by viruses such as Canine distemper are generally self-limiting and does not require a treatment unless partnered by a secondary infection.

· Anomalies such as tumors, inward, or outward turned eyelids and abnormal tear film can cause bacterial eye infections in dogs.

· Foreign bodies such as the dog’s fur or hair can sweep bacteria into your dog’s eye causing the infection. Other foreign bodies including grass seed, dust, or debris may lead to irritation in the eyes or cause an infection.

· Scratch or a cut on the cornea may also lead to the infection.

· Other reasons of infection include Irritants like smoke, or shampoo fungus, trauma.


Dogs with infected eyes exhibit certain changes in behavior such as crying or whining, loss of interest in food and so on. Other visible symptoms of eye infection include:

Ø Watery discharge: Depends on the cause or type of infections.

· Clear discharge is mostly because of the allergies or the viral infection.

· Yellowish or cloudy discharge may be due to dryness of the eyes.

· Green pus or purulent discharge could be a result of a bacterial infection.

Ø Redness in eyes: Eyes appear redder or pinker than usual.

Ø Inflammation of eyelids: One or both eyelids look puffy.

Ø Pawing at eyes: Indication of the pain or itching sensation.

Ø Squinting: Repetitive blinking of the eyelids.

Ø Other symptoms of eye infection include tenderness and sensitivity towards light.


It is imperative to see a veterinarian as soon as you see the symptoms of infection in your dog’s eyes for an appropriate treatment. Usually, the treatment depends on the cause of the infection.

· Your veterinarian may prescribe either eye cleaner drops or Ointments to treat the infection. It is imperative to use clean cotton to wipe the medicated liquid drained around the eyes. Avoid touching the container’s nozzle tip.

· If there is an underlying injury, pain medications may be prescribed. In case, the cause of the infection is due to bacteria, your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics as well in order to curb the infection.

· Your veterinarian may ask your dog to wear a cone during the treatment. It prevents your dog from damaging its eyes further and helps the treatment works the best way.


· Usage of non-medicated sterile saline rinse flushes the eyes and helps cleaning. However, this is a short-term solution for the eye infection. It is an ideal home treatment if there is a clear discharge from the eyes and presence of a little redness in one or both eyes.

· You can also use a warm, moist towel to clean the discharge around the eyes and face.


It is difficult to prevent eye infections in dogs because most of them are active almost at all times. However, there are a few ways to prevent eye infections in dogs.

· Trim longer hairs around the dog’s eyes at regular intervals to reduce the chances of infection.

· Use clean cotton balls with lukewarm water to clean the area around the dog’s eyes and wipe away the dust that may contain harmful bacteria. It is imperative to use new cotton balls for each eye.

· Take your dog to a professional groomer frequently to ensure nails and fur is trimmed properly to minimize the possibility of the infection.

Consider using goggles designed for dogs whenever you go out with your dog for a drive or trek to the desert to protect your dog’s eyes from dust and UV light.

Eye Infection A Treatment In Dogs

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