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Facts You Need To Know About Seresto Collar

  May 28, 2019

Facts You Need To Know About Seresto Collar

With people becoming more and more aware of the diseases and infestations their pets have to suffer from, they are also more apprised of the associated treatments available for use these days. However, the complete knowledge and administration of the product is still a major concern because even though there are multiple effective treatments available for fleas and ticks especially, their usage is not clear. Be it topical, oral or collars, people don’t have full knowledge of the product they use which leads to incorrect administration and loss of efficacy of the product. So, here we would like to talk about one of the most popular treatments pet parents are using to ward of fleas and ticks but may not be fully aware of the product – Seresto Collar.  

What Is a Seresto Collar?

Seresto collar for dog is an innovative gadget that kills and repels fleas and ticks for up to eight months. This scientifically developed collar comes with a breakthrough technology that allows the pet owner to release the collar in case of emergency. Also, the product is odorless and isn’t greasy like topical products.

How Seresto Collar Works?

Seresto collar is infused with two insecticides – flumethrin and imidacloprid that are released in controlled doses when the collar rubs against the dog’s skin. Both of these products work synergistically to eliminate fleas, ticks and other insects that come in contact with the dog. As the chemicals get transferred inside their body, they block the neuronal pathway of the parasite. These chemicals then prevent acetylcholine that is responsible for signal transmission between various nerves, thereby leading to paralysis and death of the insect.

What Makes Seresto Long Lasting?

Seresto’s slow release mechanism and water-resistant property help in providing long-lasting protection to the dog against parasites. Since the chemicals redistribute themselves gradually on the skin, the dog wearing the collar is always protected against critters.

Why Do You Still Find Tick On Your Dog When He is Wearing the Collar?

Well, the answer is really simple. Seresto collar works on contact. Only when a tick comes in contact with the fur or skin of the dog, will it come in contact with the ingredients as well. But, within a few hours, as they try to bite the pet, they ingest the chemical and die. So, you don’t need to worry about infestation to increase if see a tick crawling on your dog when he is already wearing the collar.

Is Seresto Safe For Pups?

Yes. Seresto is safe for dogs who are 7 weeks old or more.

Do You Need To Stretch the Collar To Activate It Just Like Other Collars?

No, you are not required to stretch the collar to activate it. It automatically releases chemicals and within 48 hours of its administration, eliminates all the existing fleas and ticks on a dog. Also, there is no need to brush the collar against any part of the dog’s body like other collars.

How Often Can Your Dog Swim Or Bathe When Wearing a Seresto Collar?

Seresto collar is water resistant and thus swimming or bathing your pet once a month doesn’t have any negative impact on the efficacy of the product. Frequent swimming or bathing, however, does reduce the long-lasting protection of the collar from 8 months to 5 months.

What Happens If the Collar gets stuck On Something?

Seresto’s safety mechanism is quite swift. In an unlikely situation where the dog gets trapped with its collar, the collar will automatically widen itself as the dog will try to pull hard. The collar will eventually break with another strong attempt thereby setting the dog free.

Can Seresto Be Worn Alongside Other Collars?

Yes, a dog can wear Seresto collar simultaneously with another collar because as far as the collar is in contact with the skin and hair, its efficacy won’t be affected due to the presence of another collar.

Can You Remove The Collar For A Few Days and Reapply It?

Removal of Seresto collar is highly discouraged because it will hamper the mechanism of the product and won’t provide the same level of protection to your dog as it is otherwise meant to provide.

To conclude, it is important for pet owners to read the instructions written on the pack inserts carefully and administer the product accordingly, so the treatment achieves its full efficacy. Following the guidelines during the course of the treatment is also equally important to make the product work with its full strength. In case of any confusion, it is recommended to contact the vet to keep your pet safe and protected.

Facts You Need To Know About Seresto Collar

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Facts You Need To Know About Seresto Collar

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