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National Dog Day - How to Save Big On Pet Supplies

  Aug 14, 2018

National Dog Day - How to Save Big On Pet Supplies

National Dog Day is a special day for all dogs including all sorts of breeds. It’s a special day that encourages the dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, big and small, healthy and convalescing, and creates an opportunity for all dogs to lead a safe and abuse-free life. Dogs are the best companion, faithful partners, and they keep us safe as well as provide mental support in tough times.

Every dog owner looks forward to providing the best care and quality pet supplies to their furry friend. The rise in dog ownership cost has created a wave and ripples can be seen in the data of dog parents that is diminishing day by day.

To help dog owners provide the best care to their furry pals, look at the checklist. This can save a few more bucks to help you enjoy dog ownership.

Owners spend above 780$ per month on their dog supplies.

  • In order to save little extra, select toys those are indestructible. This way the toy can last little longer and you don’t have to spend those extra bucks on your pet’s toys.
  • Pawn stores are the perfect ones to pick a new toy.
  • If you’re a creative person and have some extra hours for yourself then you can save a little more by a DIY toy for your Fido.

Average Cost of food is $269

  • There is a lot that you can do to save on dog food.
  • You can prepare food for your furry pal that is healthier and nutritionally rich.
  •  In spite of buying food packs in small quantity, buy dog food in bulks, which can save you more.
  •  Some online stores also offer a lot of discounts on pet foods. You can order online using coupons and have that extra money to buy food for a few more months.
  •  At times, you can even provide raw meat to your dog. This will not only add value to your pet’s health but also to your pocket.
  • Premium foods are costlier than the normal food. To put that penny into savings, you can switch to normal food. Moreover, these commercial foods are best in quality and price both.

Average Cost on Dog Supplies is $567

When you purchase your pet’s major health supplies from neighborhood stores or vet’s office, normally, these pet supplies cost you a huge dime. The same products such as flea and tick treatments, monthly heartwormers or dental kit can be bought at amazingly lower prices at some online pet stores like Pet Care Club.

Branded pet products from vet offices are usually cost a lot of bucks. But these products from reputable brands cost not even a dime from online pet supplies stores like Pet Care Club.

Look for the offers this National Dog Day!

Buying pet products from this online pet store is not only affordable but also saving huge as they offer extra discounts especially on days like National Dog Day.

Vet visit

In spite of visiting your vet now or then without any reason, it is better to book an appointment once a year. This will not only help to save your dog from regular vet visit anxiety issue (if they have any) but also your dollars. However, there are vet offices that offer quality vet services at the most affordable prices.

Search for pet medications online

Reliable pet stores offer incredible discounts on pet products. Online pet agencies usually come with a huge sale on various pet supplies like dog supplies, cat supplies, homoeopathic supplies and pet hygiene products.

Buying on such sites can save you a little extra without comprising on the quality of the product.

So this August 26 – a day designed to honor man’s best friend, celebrate it with your furry pal saving extra to add value to his life and adding more years to his life.

National Dog Day - How to Save Big On Pet Supplies

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National Dog Day - How to Save Big On Pet Supplies

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