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Reviews for Nexgard Spectra for Dog Supplies
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Nexgard Spectra - Dog Supplies

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Nexgard Spectra for Dogs

Nexgard Spectra is a broad spectrum oral flea and tick treatment for dogs. It is extremely palatable due to its beef flavor, and is relished by dogs. These chewables act rapidly and not only destroys fleas and ticks, but also provides protection from the same (for fleas – 5 weeks, for ticks – 4 weeks). It is also useful in preventing other issues such as tapeworm infestations, sarcoptic mange, mite infestation, and also aids in eliminating worms in the gut. Moreover, it treats other major types of worms like hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. It can be used to prevent heartworm infection as well.

Nexgard Spectra Oral Beef Flavored Chewables for Dogs

Afoxolaner and Milbemycin Oxime are the active ingredients present in Nexgard Spectra. While Afoxolaner helps in killing fleas and ticks by attacking the parasites’ nervous system, Milbemycin Oxime assists in treating roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms by hyper polarizing their cells which results in the blockage of signal transfer, and thus, killing them eventually. Also, Nexgard Spectra is adivsed to give all dog breeds and puppies over the age of 8 weeks.

Kindly note: Please consult your veterinarian before ordering this product. Pets with a history of seizure should only be treated after consulting a vet.

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Quick Delivery

delivered within week, worth to wait for this price


Wonderful Product

My mini poodle is 13 years old and I have used Nexgard Spectra for about 5 years. It has always prevented fleas and ticks. He gets a wellness check twice a year and has never had heart worms or any other kind of worms. Also, it’s never upset his stomach and he loves the taste. I would never change to any other product.


Best and Effective

All in one protection for my furry pal. It helps effectively to remove all the common annoying parasites without any fuss.


Amazing product

It has been working great for my Pal. I’ll definitely buy this again.


No complaints

Using this product for many years. No complaints.