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Best Ways To Calm Your Cat Before ...


It’s like a war between your cat and you when she finds that it’s time for a vet visit. If you are one of those cat’s parent whose cat rema...

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Ear mites in a dog are very common and it can be easily detected. You are half way there to remove those ear mites from your dog if you hav...

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It is common to see a pet scratching their ears. There is nothing wrong in that but the problem arises when the scratching of ears irritate...

Pet’s Eye Care


Eyes are the best gift of god to all the living beings. Without eyes, without experiencing the beauty of the nature, one cannot simply exis...

Pet’s Ear Care


Understanding the anatomy of the pet’s ears makes the cleaning process and caring for them uncomplicated. Because of the twisted shap...

Itchy and Scratchy Pets


Itching and scratching are the two most irritating activities that every pet-owner despises. Just imagine you have to wake up in the middle...

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