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Selehold (Generic Revolution) For Cats 5.5-16.5lbs (Blue) 45mg/0.75ml

Selehold (Generic Revolution) For Cats 5.5-16.5lbs (Blue) 45mg/0.75ml

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Selehold for cats

A product made by KRKA Selehold is easy to apply spot on solution for cats. It protects feline from numerous external and internal parasites. It is a monthly treatment for cats of 6 week of age and older. It terminates the existing fleas and ticks and disrupts its lifecycle by killing eggs and larvae. It also kills ear mites and biting lice on your feline. A single dose of application will prevent heart worm disease and treat infection caused due to hookworms and roundworms for a month.

Selehold and Revolution have same active ingredient Selamectin in similar composition which makes selehold a cost-effective generic substitute of Revolution.

Selemactin gets absorbed in cat’s skin and enter bloodstream treating infection due to roundworms, hookworm along with preventing heartworm diseases. At the same time the active ingredient will disperse on the feline’s skin and kill external parasites and their eggs.



Usage Directions For Selehold (Generic Revolution)
  • Remove the applicator from the pack
  • Make sure the coat of your feline is not wet
  • Choose a spot at the base of cat’s skull between the shoulder blade
  • Part cat’s furs till the skin visible
  • Empty the entire content on the spot
  • Dispose the used applicator soon after use and wash your hands


Cat size


Dose Volume

Selamectin Content

6 Months and older

≤5.5lbs (2.5kg)



6 Months and older

5.6-16.5lbs (2.6 - 7.5kg)



Why To Use Selehold (Generic Revolution)
  • Kills external and internal parasites
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • It is safe for pregnant and lactating female cats
  • Prevents flea and tick re-infestation
  • Stops flea and tick life cycle with ovicidal and larvicide properties
  • Treats biting lice, ear mites
  • Treats infection due to roundworms and hookworms
Selehold (Generic Revolution) Protective Measures
  • Should not applied more than once in a month.
  • Do not apply on ear to treat ear mites.
  • Avoid application if cat fur is wet.
  • Dispose the product immediate after use.
  • Wash hands after application.
  • Avoid sleeping with your cat after treatment.
  • Do not feed this treatment orally.
  • Do not use, for cats under 6 weeks of age.
  • Restrict children and other pet to not touch the treated area till liquid is dried.
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Great Product

Good selection, prices and awesome customer service. I recommend them to everyone!

Works Well

Got surprised after getting amazing impressive results in just one use.

Best Alternative

Couldn't find a better alternative than this. Works effectively for my furry friends.

Best and Effective

The best and effectiive product I have ever used for my pal