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International Cat Day - How to Celebrate to Make it a Special Day for Your Cat



We always look forward for some celebrations and holidays. And especially, if it is related to our furry companions, then it gives us a reason to celebrate the day and be with our furry pal. One such celebration is International Cat Day.

As per the historians, International Cat Day was originally created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare as a way for people to honour their feline friends and devote time for their companion on this day. It is also a time where people come forward to serve shelter homes or rescue wild or stray cats and ensure their well being.

At Pet Care Club, in order to honor our feline friends this international cat day, we have come up with some special tips for you from the prescription letter by our expert veterinarians.

Let’s open it and check them.

Volunteer at Shelter home

Our expert vets suggest that if you are not a cat owner but still yearn to have the company of a kitty, than it is the best time to visit a shelter home in your neighbourhood.  Shelter homes are usually short of volunteers. You can volunteer the services like feeding the cats, treating them with flea and tick preventives, deworming them or either taking them out or playing with them. It is the best way to be with them and have their company.

Visit a Cat Cafe

Surprised about this! Don’t be. There are numerous Cat Cafes in USA where you can visit to have a company of those fluffy kitties. You can have a sip of hot or cold coffee while petting the soft fur of those beautiful felines.  Spending such an amazing time, you will never forget these touchy moments.

Donate to a Cat Charity

International Cat Day is a day to take care of cats, ensure their well being and make this world a better place for them. Our vets say that it’s a great day where your little donation can help our cats. Giving one of the charities can save that one cat from euthanasia or provide her better shelter and essentials. You can even gift cat supplies like dental products, flea and tick treatments, wormers, skin care products to shelter homes for their good health and quality lifestyle. To help cat lovers like you who are seeking to donate or gift cat care products, we at Pet Care Club have tremendously reduced the prices of all cat essentials. You can visit to claim your gift for cat at the lowest prices.

Cats have come into existence long back and through the years they have been the best companion of humans. Therefore, let’s celebrate the friendship that humans and cats share as well as advocate the safety of cats.






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