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5 Ways to Build Trust with Your Pet



Have you brought a new pet home? Then it might have been a little tough for you and your dog to get along.  Well, it is not as difficult to gain your pet’s trust as you might have thought it would be. In fact, it is easy to turn his affection into trust and loyalty just by putting little efforts from your end and applying certain techniques that we would teach you in more detail as you read on.

Tricks To Earn Trust Of Your Pet

Stay Composed

You need to maintain your composed demeanor if you want to earn your pet’s trust which indirectly means no bullying, no screaming or getting aggressive. Remember your dog is new to your environment and your company, so he needs time and patience to learn things and have faith in your ways. So be patient and do not portray bad behavior even if doesn’t follow you or create a nuisance. Deal with the situation logically.

Remain Consistent

When you give clear indications as to what your dog needs to follow, it becomes easy for him to respond to you in a positive way. His meal time, play time and every other thing associated with him must be streamlined properly and followed timely so he doesn’t get mixed signals. Not following the same can create confusion in dogs which may lead him to lose trust in you even if he had a little. Remember, allowing him to come near to you when you are wearing your PJs and ignoring him when in new clothes is not the same to him. You need to be consistent with your actions all the time.

Show Courage

Exhibiting fearful behavior at one point of time and being authoritative at the other can again muddle his thought process. Therefore, you have to be upfront in your dog’s presence even if deep down you are dead scared of something. Putting up such an appearance will help your pet trust you because pets love to follow and they won’t find it ideal to trust or follow a person who changes his emotions that frequently. So be a leader in order to be in his good books.

Get Yourself to the Pet’s Level

It’s a really good practice to kneel down to your pet’s level whenever you interact with him/her without making eye contact. Eye contact means confrontation in a dog’s language and may thus be considered aggressive. Therefore, you must ensure that you don’t look at your dog when you kneel down, rather, turn your head in the direction where your dog is looking.

Treat For Good Behaviour

Treats are the best way to lure your pets. Be it cats or dogs, pets love treats and would do anything for it. So, use them properly. Treat your pet when they do something good for you or when they carry out your command properly. Good behavior will be considered rewarding in your dog’s dictionary so when he comes near to you while you caress him, reward him to stay calm. However, make sure you don’t overdo as it can lead to greediness in your pet.

In case there are still some anxiety issues related to a new environment, you can calm your dog or cat using Homeopet’s Anxiety Reliever which is a trusted product to tranquilize a distressed pet.  


Once a pet starts trusting you, he can be the most loyal companion you would have ever wanted. So, make sure you use these tricks to earn his trust and don’t forget to spend more quality time caring for him so as to strengthen your relationship with your furry pal.


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