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Why Activyl is the best flea and tick treatment?

  Oct 27, 2021

Why Activyl is the best flea and tick treatment?

Just like we love our furry friends, fleas love fur. Cats, dogs and any of our four-legged friends could get infected with fleas. Flea infestations aren’t only annoying, but they can also cause fur damage, constant itching and even worse—flea allergy dermatitis.


If your pet has already fallen prey to fleas or is luckily not yet, we’d like to introduce you to a fantastic flea and tick treatment product today that will help you keep your furry companion safe from the threat of fleas.


Activyl: The Ultimate Solution To Fleas And Ticks

Activyl is a powerful topical product that is capable of wiping out fleas and ticks. Manufactured by a well-known pharmaceutical company, Merck, Activyl is a brilliant formulation introduced to the market after extensive research and studies.

But Why Should You Believe Activyl Is The Best?

Here’s a quick rundown of various features of Activyl to give you all your answers.

Salient Features of Activyl Flea and Tick Treatment

  • Activyl is available for cats and dogs both, under the brand names:

  • Activyl not only targets adult fleas, but it is also effective at various stages of the flea lifecycle.

  • It is a unique formulation to effectively control flea and tick infestations.

  • It is a monthly spot-on treatment with an easy application process.

  • It is a water-proof and quick drying product, so no messy applications.

  • It helps prevent various flea and tick-borne diseases by successfully eliminating fleas and ticks.

  • It also helps control the symptoms of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.


Now that you know what makes Activyl a top-class flea and tick treatment product, let’s have a look at what makes it so incredible!


Indoxacarb: The Secret Behind The Power Of Activyl

Indoxacarb, the magical ingredient of Activyl, makes it stand out from the rest of the flea and tick treatments.

After applying Activyl, you don’t need to wait for fleas to bite your pet. Activyl begins working as soon as the fleas come into contact with the topical solution applied to the pet’s fur. Fleas are paralyzed upon contact with this highly potent insecticide and hence, it restrains fleas from biting your pet. The paralyzed fleas die eventually, leaving your dog safe and healthy.


Moreover, while most other flea and tick products can only manage to kill adult fleas, Activyl can work in the same way to kill flea eggs and larvae too, before they proliferate!


Hence, Activyl can easily bring an end to flea infestations by disrupting the flea lifecycle before the eggs and larvae develop into the next generation.  


Now, Let Us Reveal The Most Interesting Part Of Activyl: Its Speedy Mechanism Of Action!

Activyl does all this in the shortest time. It can eliminate 90% of fleas and ticks within just 12 hours of application.

Activyl doesn't just fade away quickly after treating your pet's flea infection, but protects your dog for a further four weeks following application! Any new fleas or ticks that appear during this time have no chance and will be immediately eliminated.

And, due to its high efficacy and rapid-action formula, it has become every veterinarian’s top choice of treatment for fleas and ticks!


In Conclusion

Activyl is something you should choose right away if you want to keep your dog safe from those brown-colored freeloaders. Its effective mechanism of action and its power to break the flea lifecycle make it the best choice of treatment for fleas and ticks. And, after all; you don’t want your furry friend to suffer from any discomforts, right?

Why Activyl is the best flea and tick treatment?

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Why Activyl is the best flea and tick treatment?

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