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Know More about Rescue Dogs | National Rescue Dog Day

  May 16, 2023

Know More about Rescue Dogs | National Rescue Dog Day

May 20 is annually observed as National Rescue Dog Day to spread awareness about the amazing and brave dogs in the shelter homes who are looking for a forever home. Every year many animals end up on the streets, abandoned and threatened by other animals and humans. This day was founded by Lisa Wiehebrink, who worked with children to teach them about empathy, kindness, unconditional love, and patience. She aimed to make this society a place where humans develop a connection with animals and treat them right.

Rescue dogs are incredibly resilient, they make wonderful pets. On top of that because of their experiences and past learning, rescue dogs with training make excellent support companions for people with disabilities and help in relieving anxiety, depression, and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The advantages of having a rescue dog as your companions are uncountable, but know that they come as the purest form of love and loyalty.

How to Celebrate?

Wondering how you can celebrate this remarkable day? Here are some ways you can show your love to your furry friends.

1. Donate to shelters

Pet shelters are homes for many rescue dogs, the ones which have not found a permanent home or for the ones which have made these shelters as their permanent homes. Your gifts of love will surely be greeted with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. You can make monetary donations or donate dog meals, toys and treats, and other pet care essentials for the adorable canine buddies.

2. Foster

Foster homes are life saviors for dogs who cannot adapt to the shelter life. Some rescue dogs suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and living with many new pet friends can be unnerving for them. For such dogs, your loving home can be a great stop before they find a loving home permanently.

3. Adopt a rescue dog

If you have space in your life and want an addition to the family, you can adopt a rescue furry baby. If you are ready for a long-term commitment, you can sign up at the local pet shelter and find out the perfect fit for you and your family.

4. Volunteer

If you can't adopt or foster a pet, you can instead volunteer at a pet shelter home. There are many duties that need to be performed in the shelter homes like bathing and grooming dogs, taking them for a walk, having playtime with them, and giving a lot of affection and love to these brave rescues. You can be of service to them according to your convenience and skill set.

5. Show your rescue dog some love

If you have adopted a rescue dog, show them some love on this special day. Give them their favorite treats, go for a walk, play a game and celebrate National Rescue Dog Day by spending some quality time with them.

Why consider adopting a rescue dog?

  • Saves lives

Adopting a rescue dog will save them from being euthanized and also leave space in the shelter for another pet in need.

  • You'll bring home a happy dog

Rescue pets are always eager for love, so if you adopt one you will be bringing home an elated dog.

  • You will save some money

Adopting is always less costly than buying a pup from the breeders. They are trained at the shelters. Moreover, you will also save money on spaying or neutering, microchipping and other expenses associated with pure breeds.

  • You will be saving dogs from puppy mills

These factory-style dog breeders are more concerned about earning rather than the well-being of the pups. By adopting you will be reducing the demands from puppy mills hence saving a lot of lives.

Short Story

This is the story of Ivy, the rescue dog whose life turned around for good.

Ivy had a rough childhood at the breeders. As she was on the shorter side of the height spectrum, she was being neglected by the breeders. Eventually, she ran away from the horrible place but was met with an accident on the road. Luckily for her, someone saw her being hit and immediately called the authorities, who took her to the vet where she got the required treatment. There they found that Ivy was malnourished and was heavily flea infested, leading her to be borderline anemic. After getting her treatment Ivy was sent to a shelter home where she was found by Amelia, her future family. Amelia instantly fell in love with Ivy, but it was a tough journey for them. To bring Ivy to her house and make it a home required lots of love, care, attention, and patience. Ivy is now one of the happiest dogs living with her 2 siblings, Dave and Kara.

National Rescue Dog Day

How We Help Rescues

Rescue dogs need a lot of attention and care, and we have the perfect range of pet care essentials for you. Buy these at the lowest price only at PetCareClub! With us you can get:


This National Rescue Dog Day rescue, honor, and perhaps find love in a shelter dog. Chances are they will be the most loyal and grateful pet you'll ever live with. If you've just rescued a dog, contact your veterinarian for a complete health analysis.


As a responsible animal lover, if you find an injured or abused animal, contact the local authorities and take the right measures to ensure that they are saved. Remember to spay and neuter your pets to avoid overpopulation; it is the biggest contributor to the need for shelters.

Know More about Rescue Dogs | National Rescue Dog Day

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Know More about Rescue Dogs | National Rescue Dog Day

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