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5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with your Dog

  Aug 20, 2021

5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with your Dog

The first Monday in September is celebrated as Labor Day across the States. While it is a federal holiday, with fall closing in and the climax of summer, Americans consider this the last weekend of favorable moderate weather and view it as an opportunity to celebrate the late summer. Although having a beer at a barbeque dinner might be your idea of a fun late-summer holiday weekend, consider these activities that you can do with your furry best friend to make it a memorable one.

1. Go hiking or camping

Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to go hiking with your dog. Hiking trails can present to you a whole new world of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences. Moreover, dogs are great companions in the wild, as they can easily adapt to tent life. Just make sure both you and your dog are well-equipped against the downsides like insects and poisonous plants as they can cut the fun short very quickly.

Moreover, hiking or camping is a fun but physically exhausting activity for both you and your pet. It's crucial to be prepared for a hike with your dog as a responsible, adventurous dog parent.

2. Gear up for a road trip

With three days available to you, now might be a great time for you to take a random road trip. Road trips are fun and adventurous at the same time, especially when your furry friend accompanies you. The open roads are an invitation to endless possibilities of creating loads of memories to cherish later.

Make sure you plan the road trip in a dog-friendly manner, considering their water-breaks, meal-breaks and potty-breaks. You might also need to carry anxiety relievers like Anxitane or DAP to help your dog deal with the traveling stress.

3. Staycation at a dog-friendly hotel

A weekend just full of luxuries, ah! A staycation at a dog-friendly hotel with your buddy would be so rejuvenating. Your dog will have his own elegant bed, lavish dog food in fancy crockery, in-room massages, and probably even a “Yappy Hour” at the hotel bar.

If such a leisurely hotel sounds beyond the bounds this year, visiting a local dog-friendly bar or restaurant is another great option for the weekend.

4. Hit the beach

What could be better than enjoying a beach-side view to your heart’s content with your doggo running around for one last time until the next summer turns in? Especially, if your pup loves swimming, hitting the beach is probably the best way to chill this weekend while doing some fun water activities.

Ensure to carry your pet’s essentials to the beach, along with the Pet Sunscreen, water-bowls, food, towels, leash, etc. You might also need Swimmer’s Solution, as it removes excess moisture to prevent ear infections.

5. Do nothing; just relax

Doing nothing is sometimes the best way to make the most out of a holiday. Imagine a long, lazy weekend free of alarm clocks, buzzing emails, and household chores. So sit back, relax, and don't forget to pet your dog more often than you usually do!

While staying indoors, treating yourself and your dog to a relaxing spa and soothing music can be the cherry on the top. Or perhaps, you can both just Netflix and cuddle while enjoying your favorite ice cream (pupsicle for your furry friend) to prepare yourself for the long stretch of workdays that you face until the next holidays.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

All the above ideas are fantastic, for sure, but if you have always wanted to try your hand at baking dog treats or DIY toys for your dog, or teaching a new trick to your dog, the sky is the limit this Labor Day. Do whatever your heart (or maybe your dog) says, but don’t forget to give enough attention to your loyal dog, as you might become preoccupied with your errands again after this weekend.

5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with your Dog

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5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with your Dog

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