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Adorning Your Dog House With Holiday Decorations

  Dec 25, 2018

Adorning Your Dog House With Holiday Decorations

Christmas Holidays vibes are all in the air since the Halloween has already passed. Our souls are desperately waiting to spend this beautiful end of the year with our families and pets. Veneered buildings with fairy lights and snow clad rooftops and pavements already giving a Christmas chill down the spine. Isn’t it the most enchanting and mesmerizing feel with that sweet sound of chiming bells coming from a distant and beautifully decorated Christmas trees and houses everywhere in the vicinity? It definitely is! It is so refreshing to soak it all in! Well, you definitely must be gearing up to decorate your own abode by now but a penny to your thought...have you thought of giving the Christmassy feel to your pet as well? If not yet, then here is a great idea how you can deck up your pet’s house too, this year. Be extra creative and make his lodging as attractive as you would your own house. 

Dog-Friendly Holiday Decorations

First of all, create a new kennel for your dog if he doesn’t have one already. You can also bring a new crate if you don’t feel like bringing in a new kennel altogether. Next, you would require some fairy lights, star, red ribbons, wreath, nice red Christmas bedding, and a cozy blanket. You can also bring in some Christmas socks, bells and toys.

Now to start with, hang the lights decoratively in different patterns and hang the stockings and wreath on the entrance of the kennel or on the edge of his crate. You can hide a treat or a chew inside these stockings for the Fido so he can enjoy his time in the lodging while you would be busy celebrating with your family members. Tie the ribbons all the way through and hang the bells on the sides. Place the blanket you bought for him inside the kennel so he can sleep comfortably in the chilly winters. You can also buy dog winter costumes with a small red hat to protect him from cold weather and make him look like a cute little doggy Santa for some nice Insta pics.

However, make sure if any of these things will be chewed by your dog, better avoid using it. For instance, some dogs may chew cords of the decorative lights or may choke themselves up with tinsel. In that case, better avoid than regret. You can spoil her with treats during Christmas but do not overdo it as it can affect his health. Keep the chocolates away from him. Some dogs try to swallow small pieces of decorative items; hence, such things must not be put up as a decorative.

The idea here is to enjoy Christmas with your dog and let him feel the same. If any of the aforementioned decorative items pose a hazard to your pooch, do not make the mistake of compromising his life for trivial and temporary happiness. Rather spend quality time with your dog and buy stuff that would be helpful in keeping him fit and healthy for his lifetimes, like preventatives, dietary supplements or skin care products.

We certainly love Christmas and would love to enjoy it with our pets. And, decorations should definitely be a part of the celebrations but safety must be given the first preference always. No gift is better than proper health so think wisely.

Well, still if you feel your dog knows what is edible for him and what no and will enjoy the decorations then go ahead and deck his house up as beautifully as you would your own.

Adorning Your Dog House With Holiday Decorations

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Adorning Your Dog House With Holiday Decorations

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