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Flea Collars - How Do They Work?

  Nov 21, 2018

Flea Collars - How Do They Work?

If you still think that flea collar will emit foul smell and you should rather avoid using it, give it a second thought! With the advancement in technology, collars have now been reformed for better efficacy, long-lasting performance, flexi-design and comfort fit that were lacking in the old collars. Besides, they don’t even emit odour or aren’t greasy anymore. So, they are certainly a good deal.

Well, what makes them effective and how do these flea collars work?

Flea Collars – How They Work?

Contrary to older versions that were mostly based on releasing chemicals with stronger odours to repel fleas, the newer technology uses odourless chemicals that give complete protection to the entire body and don’t just work around the neck region. Ingredients of the collar are released gradually at low concentrations and spread across the skin layers which then kill the parasites as and when they come in contact with the body. However, one must ensure the collar is well-fitted so the chemicals can release as and when the skin rubs against it.

Is It Safe To Use Flea Collars On Pregnant Dogs?

You must always read the label of the product before using it. There are certain collars that cannot be used on pregnant or lactating mothers and must be completely avoided if your dog is pregnant. Other than that, most collars are not meant for dogs younger than 3 months which is why it is necessary to look at the labeling before purchasing the collar.

How Must The Flea Collar Be Worn To Provide Complete Efficacy?

Always follow the guidelines mentioned on the product. Ensure the collar fits snugly to the pet’s skin with a space of your two fingers so the pet doesn’t feel suffocated. However, it must not be too loose because if the collar won’t rub the skin, the chemicals won’t be distributed to the entire body rendering the product ineffective.

Are The Collars Better Than Topicals?

Well, topicals hold strong potential to deal with fleas but they do require certain precautions as well, like - the treated pet must not come in contact with any person until the product dries out completely. Chemicals applied on the body may turn out to be greasy. Moreover, you need to constantly remind yourself to reapply the treatment every month, whereas, collars don’t have any such complications. They just need to be tied around the pet’s neck and you are done for 8 months. No grease, no odor!

Flea collars are convenient and economical options for the treatment of fleas and other parasites. In fact, some of them even come with sustained release technology that lets you break free the collar in case the pet feels suffocated. And, you don’t even require any prescription for using it.

If you doubt whether the product will work on your pet, try it out on your pet! Flea collars are meant for pet owners that hardly get time to remember the drug course of their pets.

It makes life easier for you and the animal.

People who usually take their furry buddies on regular outings, collars help prevent such pets from getting infected from the surroundings. This is why it is so popular and is a feasible option to treat fleas. In fact, there are some amazing and innovatively designed collars like Seresto that has reflectors on it and can be easily worn along with other collars. So make your mind and purchase the one that suits your pet the most.

Some collars also come with tick protection. You can opt for those if ticks are also one of your concerns. But, do go for it because right products always serve you better in achieving the desired results.

So, what are you still waiting for???


Flea Collars - How Do They Work?

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Flea Collars - How Do They Work?

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