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Is Your Dog Suffering From Allergy? 7 Signs To Look Out For

  Jun 12, 2018

Is Your Dog Suffering From Allergy? 7 Signs To Look Out For

Does your dog seem irritated or distressed? Is he consumed in himself most of the times?  Is something really bothering him?

If your furry friend shows behavioral changes leaving you suspicious about his condition, allergy can be one of the causes of his indifference and annoyance. Dogs can easily contract seasonal allergies from pollen, molds, grass or perhaps from organisms like insects, fleas, ticks that become super active in spring and summers especially. Reaction to certain treatments and vaccines can also end up in an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is a lethal form of an allergic reaction and thus any kind of allergy must not be overlooked. Moreover, which pet parent would like their pet suffering from such an agony? Nobody right?! Thus, before the allergy gets elevated, look for signs and symptoms so as to prevent and treat it immediately.

Top Signs Of An Allergic Reaction In Dogs

Itching: It is the foremost signal of an allergic reaction in pets. Itch is caused due to the severe irritation of nerves and skin cells and is the protective mechanism of a body- the first line of defense.  You can find dogs, scratching and biting their coat, legs or tail to relieve itchiness.

Licking: Licking body areas is also a tell-tale sign of an allergic reaction. Dogs lick excessively to heal a wound. It can also be due to the inflammation they might be experiencing as a result of an allergy.

Face and muzzle swelling:  An allergic reaction in dogs may lead to the swelling of the entire face. The eyes and ears may also get puffed up.

Hives/bumps on the body: Usually when ticks bite the dog’s skin in order to feed, the affected area swells up in a form of a bump due to inflammation and toxins released by the tick. Some food allergies may also result in the development of hives.

Red, Inflamed, Stinking Ears: If you find that the dog’s ears have gotten red and are stinking badly, it might have resulted due to some allergy.

Hot-spots: Hot-spots develop due to a severe allergic reaction against the allergen like fleas. This kind of a reaction is very painful and the area itches a lot. Flea Allergy Dermatitis so to say, also results in hair loss in pets.

Diarrhea or Vomit: When the gastrointestinal tract is hit by an allergen, the body tries to combat with it by releasing the toxins out of the body in the form of diarrhea or a vomit. This is caused due to severe flea or tick infestation, certain food allergies or perhaps as a symptom of other diseases.

A more severe form of an allergic reaction in pets may occur in the form of an anaphylactic shock. It is the most deadly reaction caused by an allergen or a vaccine. The symptoms of anaphylaxis include: low blood pressure, pale gums, breathing difficulty or vomiting.

It is easier to combat a disease when we know the cause behind it. Therefore, pet owners that are cognizant of the reasons behind the allergy can easily treat their furry companions with the right medication. Here are some treatments that could be administered to cure allergies in pets.

Treatments For Allergies  

  • Anti-histamines like Benadryl is the best treatment for an allergic reaction that dilates the capillaries to relieve tension.
  • When the allergen is flea or tick, giving an anti-parasitic like Frontline Plus, Bravecto or K9 Advantix can be helpful in eliminating the infestation.
  • Capstar is also a good option if there is a heavy flea reaction. It doesn’t work on ticks, though.
  • An epinephrine injection is given in the fatal cases of anaphylactic shocks.

The best way to prevent allergies in pets is by keeping them away from the allergens as much as possible. Try preventative treatments that would safeguard your pet from contracting allergies. Most importantly, learn what things cause allergic reactions in your pet.  Unless you are aware, you wouldn’t be able to help your furry pal. So, stay informed. Hope you agree with me! It is certainly not a big deal, isn’t it?

Is Your Dog Suffering From Allergy? 7 Signs To Look Out For

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Is Your Dog Suffering From Allergy? 7 Signs To Look Out For

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