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Most Effective Methods to Control Fleas

  Jun 16, 2021

Most Effective Methods to Control Fleas


Just like every other pet owner, you want to keep the fleas away not only from your pet but also from your home. These blood-sucking parasites are more than capable of doing the damage that one cannot imagine. So, it is imperative to identify these parasites at the first place and then take preventative measures to curb the infestation.

How Do I Know My Dog Has Fleas?

Fleas are small, reddish-brown in color, flat-bodied insects that reside on animal skin. If you find your dog itching, biting her/him self, shaking head, you should know it may be a result of a flea problem. Once you inspect your pet’s skin closely, you will see red bumps or pimples due to flea bites. You can check your dog’s fur to find out if there are adult fleas. A flea comb is another useful tool that helps recognizing the flea infestation.

Once it is confirmed that your pet is infected, it may take weeks or months to control fleas but thankfully means are available that can help terminate existing fleas and prevent them from coming back both on your pet and home.

In order to implement the flea control plan effectively, it is imperative to target each and every life-stage of fleas that include adult fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. Therefore, flea treatment involves treating not only the adult fleas on the pet but also the developing fleas in the environment.

Flea Treatments

There are various flea control treatments available that include flea collars, sprays, oral products, and spot on or liquid treatment. Moreover, household tools like vacuum or baking soda are useful in eradicating flea issue in your home.


One of the most effective methods for flea control is to use flea collars. They not only kill adult fleas but also prevent re-infestation on your fur friend. These collars work in two different ways: by discharging toxic gas or being absorbed into the skin of the infected animal. Flea collar that absorb through the skin are comparatively more effectual toward adult fleas but not so successful on larvae.

Seresto flea and tick collars are one of the flea treatments among pet parents because it provides continuous 8-month protection from irritating fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae as well as sarcoptic mange.

• Bayopet flea and tick collars are another efficient flea control treatment.

Oral Treatments

This category includes the flea products administered by mouth that is taken directly as a pill or crushed in the food and given as a treat. Some of these treatments kill adult fleas, whereas others do not kill fleas but rather prevent their eggs from hatching.

Comfortis and Capstar kill adult fleas, but they do not kill flea eggs or larvae. So they are incompetent to stop the infection from reoccurring.

• In contrast Program tablet does not kill adult fleas instead it works on flea eggs and stops them from hatching and as a result reduces the chances of re-infestation.

• Flea treatment like Nexgard kills all existing fleas that are present on your pet’s body. Along with this, it also kills fleas before they lay eggs.

Spot On (TOPICAL) Treatments

Topical flea solutions are very popular flea treatment. This treatment is usually performed by emptying a vial filled with flea solution on your pet’s skin on between the shoulder blades. This liquid medicated solution gets absorbed through the skin and remains active in the animal’s oil glands for about a month providing the protection for four weeks after each treatment. This form of treatment is known to have tolerated easily by the animals and not so complicated to apply onto the animal makes it a first choice for a large section of pet parents worldwide.

Frontline Plus , K9 Advantix, Revolution are some of the popular spot-on flea treatments.

Frontline Plus not only kills adult fleas but also prevents the growth of the eggs, larvae, and pupae and as a result stops the re-infestation.

Flea Sprays

Flea sprays provide short-term relief from fleas, but they are used enormously these days. This is a kind of topical treatment wherein the chemical is sprayed all over the animal’s body. Most of the flea sprays are effective only on adult fleas.

Frontline Spray is widely used by pet because of its effectiveness in controlling fleas.

Home And Yard Treatment

We often think that providing a good flea treatment to our pet will solve the flea problem. Unfortunately, it is not the case. All pet parents should know that only 10% of the flea population is on your pet, the rest including flea eggs, larvae, pupae reside in the pet’s bed, the carpet, and other areas where the pet stays. Ignoring this flea population will lead the flea issue to go from bad to worse. There a few measures we can take to contain the flea problem.

• Regular vacuuming is one of the effective ways of controlling fleas in your house. Especially the places which are hard to crack, such as under the furniture, baseboards, windows, door frames etc. Vacuuming eliminates a large amount of flea eggs, larvae, and pupae developing within the home. It also helps the insecticide to penetrate carpet fibers and kill live fleas. After vacuuming, it necessary to seal the vacuum bag and discard it outside in a trash container. Vacuuming frequently will certainly reduce the chances of a new flea build up.

• Flea bombs, foggers, and flea powders can be used for short-term protection from fleas. Some of them offer additional protection by hampering the flea growth in yards and lawns.

• Mow grass of your lawn and cut it short once in a week. This will prevent your dog catching fleas when it is outside. Mowing grass will expose fleas to sunlight that will deject them from spreading the infection.

• Wash your pet’s bedding regularly. Wash them in hot and soapy water.

Most Effective Methods to Control Fleas

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Most Effective Methods to Control Fleas

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