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National Pet Fire Safety Day Tips On How To Keep Your Pets Safe

  Jul 07, 2021

National Pet Fire Safety Day Tips On How To Keep Your Pets Safe

Over the years, there have been a vast number of pets that are lost due to fires at home. Thus, the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2009, launched a new and important day (July 15th) called the National Pet Fire Safety Day. This day is all about raising awareness among pet parents on how to keep their pets safe and prevent such mishaps from occurring. Thus, through this blog, we will be giving out a few tips that will be useful in keeping your pets safe from house fires.

Valuable Tips On Keeping Your Pets Safe From House Fires

As pet lovers ourselves, it breaks our heart when pet parents lose their pets due to house fires. Thus, National Pet Fire Safety Day ensures that pet parents are alerted about such situations and can help them deal with them with a calm mind. And since National Pet Fire Safety Day is just around the corner, we hope these tips will help you a great deal.

#1. Turn Off Open Flames

Pets are normally very curious and they go for their usual sniffing spree every now and then. This curiosity can lead them to the kitchen door and near cooking appliances, candles, or even a fire that is situated at the living room’s fireplace. Leaving your pet unattended at open flames is something you do not want to happen. Thus, make sure to turn off open flames or rather make such dangerous areas inaccessible to your pet.

#2. Pet Proof Your House

Have a stroll around your house and try and look for areas where your furry buddy can start a fire by accident. Things such as loose wires, stove knobs, etc are potentially very dangerous and fires can start by accident through these. Hence, remember to pet-proof your home frequently.

#3. Near The Entrances

Whenever you need to leave your pet at home due to work or some errand, make sure you leave them near the entrances. Try and make the other parts of the house inaccessible to them. So that when a fire outbreak happens when you are gone, the firefighters can easily spot your pet and can rescue them without any hindrance.

#4. Practice All Possible Escape Routes With Your Pets

You know your house well and perhaps all the possible escape routes. So make sure you practice escaping with your pet in case a fire breaks out. Ensure you have all the necessary equipment in the right place as well. You will be needing a collar for your pet, so make sure it’s placed somewhere close to the escape route.

#5. Attach A Pet Alert Window Cling

Write down the number of pets you have at home and attach the static cling to your window. Doing so helps rescuers know exactly how many pets are stuck inside your home. This valuable information helps save your pet's lives. So make sure you do it.

It is so very important that we raise awareness among pet parents about this day. We’re hoping you will spread the word in your neighborhood about National Pet Fire Safety Day. And remember, always stay alert and keep your pets safe and secure at all times.

National Pet Fire Safety Day Tips On How To Keep Your Pets Safe

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National Pet Fire Safety Day Tips On How To Keep Your Pets Safe

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