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Why Do Dogs Chase? Ways To Stop Them

  Aug 03, 2018

Why Do Dogs Chase? Ways To Stop Them

You must have encountered a dog chasing your car when you speed up or rather chasing you when you jog. This behavior is ingrained in all dogs. They have a natural instinct to grab the thing that runs away from them. Though pet owners may find it quite normal, this kind a habit can actually hurt the person or the kid who finds himself in danger. Bike drivers can also meet with an accident if they get distracted by the dog. The chase can also risk the dog’s life as they may come under the vehicles or hit by the car in the act. To save them from an uninvited and unwanted risk, we must understand the reason behind this behavior.

Why Do Dogs Chase?

Chasing is an inherent trait in dogs. They are hunters by nature and whenever they see any prospect or prey, they try to run them down. Even if the dog has been a pet for years, he would definitely have the urge to chase people, cars, bikes or anything running and whizzing in front of them.

Some breeds like hounds and terriers that are meant for heavy physical activities are bound to chase you down unless trained. This is because they have the agility and energy which needs to used completely in pursuing some actions.

Boredom is another reason of their chasing behavior. Dogs that don’t get any kind of amusement usually get bored intensely. Thus, they find some liveliness when they chase something or somebody.

A dog also chases in order to save his territory. Whosoever intrudes their area is bound to get chased. And mind you, their territory is not restricted to your house. It can even extend up to a street or more.     

 So if your dog is found in that mode you need to stop him right away. You may find it normal if a dog chases a cat or your neighbor’s pets. But if he troubles other humans, he can also be euthanized.

How Can You Stop Your Pet From Chasing?

  • If the pet chases because of boredom, increasing the activities that keep him energetic, amused and distracted can stop this kind of a behavior.
  • You can also keep him on a leash whenever he is out and train him to follow your orders like sit and stay, obediently. Reward him for not chasing the cars, bikes or anyone. This way he will associate such encounters with treats and won’t chase them down.
  • Prevent him from going to such streets or parks where he goes berserk and is difficult to handle.
  • A pet owner can also fence their area properly in order to refrain their dog from chasing others.
  • Give him anxiety relieving drugs or thundershirt that will help keep him calm and restrict him from getting overwhelmed whenever he sees a stranger.
  • Take the help of a vet or professional behavior therapists that will teach you techniques to control your dog’s chasing instincts.

You need to spend quality time with your pet to teach him good manners and wane off the chasing habits. Try and take out some time for your pet daily even if you are very busy and play with him or rather exercise with him. This way he will stay amused and fit and you will also get some good gym session in the house.


Why Do Dogs Chase? Ways To Stop Them

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Why Do Dogs Chase? Ways To Stop Them

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