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5 Ways To Prevent Diabetes In Dogs



Diabetes mellitus or canine diabetes has witnessed an upward trend in recent years. Almost every dog is at the risk of contacting one or the other type of diabetes. Dogs with particular breeds such as Cairn Terriers, Samoyed, Schnauzer or Dachshunds are more prone to this phenomenon.

A pet parent must look for following signs in his dog in order to take prompt measures before the situation worsens.

  • Lethargy

  • Vomiting

  • Frequent urination

  • Change in appetite

  • Dehydration

  • Increase in water consumption

  • Weight loss/weight gain

Pet parents having witnessed such signs in their pet must first consult the vet. Consult your vet whether it is the case of diabetes or not. Then follow the course of the plan as formulated by the vet depending upon your dog’s status.

Whether your furry pal is diabetic or not, it’s a wise policy to involve some measures, which helps your dog to fight against signs of this disease.

Here’s what you can do

Exercises- Let Your Dog Live An Active Life!

This can play a major role in combating this disease. The more you help your pet to be physically active, the more he will lose extra calories for the day. A daily routine of morning walks and evening exercises will certainly help your dog in a long run.

Provide Your Dog Quality Food

The problem of diabetes has very much to do with food. Thus, the contents of your dog’s diet should be in line with the nutrients required for your dog. You can consult your vet to get more info about your dog’s nutritional requirements.

This becomes quite important if your dog breed is prone to diabetes.

Make Veggies A Part Of His Food Plate

Include veggies rich in fiber such as broccoli or kale in your pet’s diet. These vegetables are the good source of fiber, which can keep track of blood sugar fluctuations in your pet.

However, before introducing any change to your dog’s dietary habits, consult your vet first to ensure no complications.

Overfeeding- A Strict No!

To ensure that your pet’s weight remains under control, make a point to avoid giving your pet those tasty sugary treats. At the same time, keep a track on the calorie intake of your pet.

This can help you devise ways to manage your dog’s weight to an optimal level.

Visit Vet Regularly

To be updated on your dog’s status with regard to diabetes, regular vet visits are mandatory. The vet will perform tests including urine and blood tests to let you know about your pet’s diabetes level.

At the same time, your vet will help you, if your pet is developing any signs of diabetes.

Diabetes in dogs, if not prevented can surely be made less sufferable. Follow the above ‘wisdom’ and help your pet in winning this battle against Diabetes mellitus. 


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