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3 Basic Tips To Ensure Your Dogs Dental Health



The dental health of pets has always been a cause of concern for pet parents. Not to mention dental issues in furry friends is also a cause for the more number of vet visits. At the same time, there is worth mentioning the fact that a furry pet having crossed the age of 3 is highly vulnerable to suffer from any type of periodontal disease.

Canines as compared to felines are more at risk of getting dental problems owing to their teeth structure. What most worries pet owners is the silent nature of the gum problems that surface in pets’ mouth. That is, building up of plaque and tartar around the teeth of the pet would take time and become visible to the pet parent only in its aggravated form.

Dental problems being common among furry friends, you can prevent these issues by following a simple ritual of oral hygiene of your furry friend regularly as given below.

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Regularly

To ensure non-build up of plaque and tartar around your pet’s gums, brush your furry friend’s teeth regularly. Always use toothpaste and toothbrush meant for dogs only.

Pet Dent Dental Kit is a complete dental kit, which is very popular among dog parents for maintaining their pet hygiene.

Give Your Dog Chew Bones or Chew Toys as Treat

Treats given in the form of chew toys or chew bones helps your pet get rid of the plaque. These treats can be of a great help to lessen the risk of periodontal disease in pets.

Visit Vet for Regular Oral Check Ups

Regular vet visits are necessary to stay updated on your pet’s dental health. At the same time, a vet may help your canine to get rid of plaque and tartar, which may have accumulated around his gums.

When To See A Vet?

As a pet parent, never fall in the trap of thinking your pet’s teeth are in right condition. Go for regular dental check-ups to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future as well as heavy vet bills and mental stress because of your pet’s dental condition.

Dental issues in canines are of preventable nature. Thus, brush your beloved dog’s teeth regularly and feel proud to see his shiny and pearly white teeth.

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