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A complete understanding to heartworms

  Oct 04, 2021

A complete understanding to heartworms

Sometimes a disease just does not come from within, it is the result of someone carrying it and gifting the pain to you.

There are 3500 species of mosquitoes, and a female mosquito can lay 300 eggs at a time. Though their average life is less than two months, and they don’t even have teeth, yet they are the most dangerous and death-taking creature since the Jurassic period, probably 210 million years old.

Though every pet is different, but each mosquito is deadly for every pet they infect with heartworms with its bite, and we know you love to take your pet out to play and also to parks to meet friends.

But, what exactly is a heartworm disease?

It is a blood-borne parasitic nematode (roundworm) known as Dirofilaria immitis transmitted through biting of mosquitoes. They ingest immature heartworm larvae – microfilaria and feed it via infecting a cat or dog. These microfilariae develop to their potential in 12-28 days into deadly mosquitoes.

Now, if this mosquito bites your dog, it means it injects larvae into his body. These larvae will mature within 2-4 months resulting in affecting the heart and pulmonary arteries of your pet. Slowly, with the help of your pet’s immune system, they develop into adult heartworms and keep reproducing themselves. Within eight months they would have attacked your pets and he would really be in danger. so we should know some Important things About Heartworm Disease in Dogs.


There are 4 stages of Heartworm Disease:

Stage 1 : This is the initial stage where your pet is being host to heartworm and silently grows well through them. It starts after 2 months of mosquito injection.

Stage 2 :  This is the starting point where you could detect the symptoms in your dog if you are keen vigilant. You would observe his laziness towards walks and exercise, being over tired and coughing. But, to get it confirmed, you can check through blood tests and keep your dog safe.

Stage 3 : This is the stage you should really be concerned about because now you could really feel the bad impacts of it. Your dog will have trouble breathing, he would be reluctant to even walk, and you can get verified about heartworm through X-ray because now it’s inevitable, and you can see them due to their immense growth.

Stage 4 : This is the final stage where you can only be a helping hand in the pain of your pet because this disease is really deadly. You need to be really aware of your pet’s health andnot let him reach this stage. The symptoms are anemia, Fainting Spells, Right Sided Chronic Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure, Rapid Heart Beat.

But, keep calm. Heartworm is really curable. Only if you keep your pet protected and if you detect it’s heartworm at an early stage. You can always keep your dog safe with Revolution a heartwormer treatment for dog and be free of everything at once.


You must always and all the time keep your dog protected against the heartworm even if you feel your environment is protected from mosquitoes.


“You do not respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer.”

A complete understanding to heartworms

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A complete understanding to heartworms

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