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Black Cat Appreciation Day- 17th August

calendar  Aug 16, 2023

Black Cat Appreciation Day- 17th August

Black cats are just as attractive as other cats- with their sleek and mysterious personality- and yet they seldom get the appreciation and attention they deserve. The superstitions about black cats vary from place to place, where some consider them as bad luck while others believe them to be good omens. Besides all these delusions, black cats are adorable and could be a great companion but they haven't always been welcomed by people because of the symbolized 'misfortune'. Thus, to get past these myths as well as promote the adoption of black cats, Black Cat Appreciation Day is celebrated. In this blog, we will provide a brief summary of this day's significance as well as some facts about black cats that you didn't know about.

Why Do We Celebrate Black Cats Appreciation Day?

On 17th August 2011, the first Black Cat Appreciation Day was celebrated by Wayne H. Morris in honor of his sister and her 20-year-old black cat, who she loved dearly. His sister and the cat, Sinbad, both passed away that year, and he decided since then to address the myths against black cats. People started recognizing this day, in their honor, to dispel the myths about black cats and Black Cat Appreciation Day gained popularity in recent years as a way to address the issues faced by black cats and to promote their adoption. Animal shelters, rescue organizations, and cat enthusiasts around the world have embraced this concept and have actively participated in raising awareness about the unique qualities and beauty of black cats.

History of Black Cat Appreciation Day

It's interesting to note that cats were highly regarded in ancient Egypt, partly because of their ability to fight against pests like mice and rats. Royal cats were believed to wear golden jewelry and be permitted to eat directly from their owners' plates. But black cats are now frequently associated with mischief or bad luck, although not everyone is aware of the reasoning for this.

According to the Celtic legend, fairies took the shape of black cats, therefore their appearance in a house or Hamlet was seen as a sign of a good omen. However, the pilgrims who came after them were fervently religious and terrified of anything even remotely connected to the pagan beliefs of their forefathers. As a result of this dread, black cats were relegated to the status of witches' and demons' carriers from being the vessels of fairies. Despite all the legends, modern people adore black cats. The purpose of celebrating this day now is to instill the idea that black cats are no longer a negative omen. The day also demonstrates that a black cat may be as great as any other pet and would be a perfect companion for humans.

Myths and Superstitions about Black Cats

These dark, intriguing, and playful cats have long been associated with myths, superstitions, and rumors from history and culture that either glorify or demonize them. It's necessary for people to bust the common stereotypes about black cats like them being unlucky or being the carriers of demons and witches and appreciate their features and beauty. A few myths that prove otherwise are enlisted below-

  • Black cats were kept aboard ships by sailors and fishermen because they were thought to ensure a safe return.
  • Similar to Calico cats, which are the country of Japan's official symbol of fortune, Black cats are thought to bring good fortune.
  • King Charles I of England cherished a black cat. The monarch claimed that his luck had run out the day it died. Ironically, he was arrested for treason the following day.
  • It is considered lucky if the cat was running away from you.
  • A ship is practically destined to sink on its subsequent voyage if a black cat chose to come on board and then leave the ship.
  • Black cats are thought to be extremely lucky for single women in Japan and will help them in finding true love.
  • In France, running into a black cat signifies that something magical will happen!

Fun Facts about Black Cats

Black cats are fascinating feline creatures that have captivated cultures from all across the globe. Along with being the targets of various superstitions, black cats have a number of intriguing characteristics that might alter the way you look at them. Here are a few interesting fun facts about black cats-

  • All cats are born either red or black due to genetics; all other coats are variations of these colors.
  • Usually, black cats have amber eyes.
  • Black cats are better at fighting diseases.
  • Black cats take the longest to find new homes, even though they're lots of fun.
  • Black cats are also perfectly suited to make great hunters.
  • Black cats are related to panthers and jaguars.
  • Black cats can change their coat color because sunshine can brighten their hair.

Final Note

Black cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians as goddesses and guardians of women and childbirth, long before Europeans began to demonize animals during the Middle Ages. Many people disliked black cats because of urban legends and false associations with the occult. Many myths about black cats have been dispelled in modern times, yet some people still avoid them around Halloween. For humans, black cats are fortunate. They continue to bring joy to cat lovers all across the world and thus should definitely be appreciated. If you are ready to adopt a pet, celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day by bringing home a black cat.

Black Cat Appreciation Day- 17th August

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Black Cat Appreciation Day- 17th August

Black Cat Appreciation Day- 17th August

calendar Aug 16, 2023

Black cats are just as attractive as other cats- with their sleek and mysterious personality- and yet they seldom get the appreciation an...

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