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Dog’s Nutrition

  Aug 08, 2017

Dog’s Nutrition

Dogs should be fed with the diet that is nutritious and well balanced. Nutrition is the source of energy that provides necessary growth and maintenance of the dog’s body. The metabolism of the pet’s body enhances with proper dietary supplements. Generally, there are 5 important nutrients that a dog’s diet must contain:-


Cells are basic building blocks of living organism; likewise, proteins are for proper health. It helps in growth and repair of tissues, organs, enzymes and hormones. There are vast sources of proteins, which includes meat products like chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, fish etc, vegetables and cereals. The essential amino acids are provided to the pets through protein diet.


Small amount of vitamins are essential for dogs metabolism. The dog’s body does not synthesize most of the vitamins so the intake of vitamins is done via dietary supplements. Vitamins are great source of conversion of calories to energy. Fresh food is best source for vitamins.


They are necessary in dog’s diet, as the animal’s body cannot synthesize the minerals. Minerals are important constituents of bones and teeth and for maintaining fluid balance.  Balance is critical with all minerals because they interact; too much of one can interfere with the absorption of another.


Fats are the source of energy that is used in structuring of cells, production of hormones and are required for absorption of minerals. Being a concentrated source of energy in dog’s diet, it protects the internal organs. They also supply the fatty acids that are important building blocks for important substances and essential to maintaining normal, healthy cells.


Carbohydrates are vital for maintaining intestinal health and are an important element for reproduction. Although dogs do not need carbohydrates as they can get energy from proteins and fats but carbohydrates that can be broken down and converted to glucose, which is an essential requirement for the dogs. Carbohydrates can be found in vegetables and fruit, which also supply minerals, fiber and some protein.

Dog’s Nutrition

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Dog’s Nutrition

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