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Beware Pet Owners about Flea Dangers in Summers

  Apr 19, 2019

Beware Pet Owners about Flea Dangers in Summers

Relating the present influx of fleas, research suggests that the extreme winter dramatically followed by the impending hot weather has created an arena for the explosion of parasites across America this summer.

Recent research carried out by Bayer Animal Health and Zoetis Animal Healthcare stated that many pet owners have found fleas in their carpets and pet bedding while one out of seven pet owners have found fleas actually on their clothes implicating the dangerous health risk that humans can face.

While this may look like a small ratio, with no such possibility of flea invasion, but the fact is during the 10 day reproduction cycle of a female flea, she can lay up to 50 eggs per day. This implies that a single flea can lead to billions of tiny creatures within two months, according to Bayer to which Zoetis agrees too.

Many are not aware that many parasites that lay dormant during the cold weather, spring up to life as soon as the warmer weather hits the horizon.

A member from American Pest Control Association states that pet owners need to be extra cautious after the cold weather as these parasites could emerge out of their dormant state during the warmer temperatures in May, June & July.

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Fleas are not only dreadful for animal health but are also well known to cause irritation to human. Flea eggs when laid on the animal’s skin it will often cause excess molting as well as transferring the fleas around the home to their next victim.

The product manager at Bayer says – “In order to keep pets and families healthy it’s important to not only kill the existing parasites but also prevent the parasite lifecycle from continuing.” And, the best way to control fleas and worms from breeding and spreading is to use all year round protection plan.

Treating with the top brand flea treatment products such as Advantage, Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix and Program regularly as per the given directions can certainly help in protecting your pet from nasty creatures as well as the diseases caused by them.

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Vets usually recommend starting the prevention program way back in winter in order to have a potent bulwark against sudden spurt of flea infestations at the start of the season.

So, make a full proof flea and tick prevention plan for the summer so that you and your furry loved one can enjoy without any skin irritation and health conditions due to these parasites.


Beware Pet Owners about Flea Dangers in Summers

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Beware Pet Owners about Flea Dangers in Summers

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