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Halloween Special Blog

  Oct 27, 2020

Halloween  Special Blog

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Halloween


Halloween is a fun-filled occasion that is widely celebrated all around the globe. And it's not just celebrated by humans, but most of us even include our beloved pets in all the celebrations. While it's always wonderful to include your four-legged buddies in your Halloween celebrations, it is imperative to ensure their safety as well. In this blog, we will be looking at a few tips that will help a great deal in keeping your pets safe during Halloween. So let's get straight into the tips, shall we?
Safety Tips For Your Pets During Halloween

#1. Keep away Halloween candies from your felines and canines as far as possible. These candies are not only injurious to their health but can also be life-threatening, especially chocolate candies. In place of candies, you can make special pet treats for your buddy.

#2. If you plan on making your buddy wear a Halloween costume, make sure you try it out the previous night or two nights prior. You do not want any last moment modifications or changes. Moreover, you do not want your buddy to wear a tight-fitting costume because that may suffocate him. Hence, always try out the costume beforehand.

#3. Taking the previous point forward, see to it that the costume does not having anything on it that could make your inquisitive buddy chew on it. Some costumes have those extra materials sticking out, and if chewed, if could possibly choke your buddy. So make sure to remove such things to prevent anything serious from happening.

#4. No matter how loose the costume, your buddy will always find it bugging and that’s because he has hardly worn a costume in his life. Thus, make sure to take of the costume after a few hours, because it can get suffocating for them.

#5. If your buddy is not willing to wear the Halloween costume you got them, then that is okay. Do not try and force them to wear it. It’s totally fine.

#6. If your pets are quite ferocious (especially dogs) around strangers, then we recommend keeping them indoors and not include them in trick-or-treating. But if you really want to include them, put them on a leash before stepping outside.

#7. Candles that are lit as well as jack-o-lanterns should be kept out of the reach from your pets. You do not want your pets to get injured, right? So keep these things far away from them.

#8. Make sure to practice some obedience commands with your buddy a few days prior to Halloween. It will help you a great deal, espcially when you go for trick-or-treating.

#9. Make your pets have proper ID’s on them, with their name on it as well as your contact number. A high number of pets go missing during such celebrations, so having an ID tag on them can help you find them, if gone missing.

#10. Do not forget to pet proof your home before the Halloween celebrations.

Follow these tips to have a safe Halloween with your friendly four-legged friends. And that’s no it, hop over to PetCareClub to get pawsome and purrfect discounts on pet care supplies. Hurry, make the best use of the Halloween Day Sale on PetCareClub!

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